America’s Next Revolution II

Last night’s presidential debate was a debacle!!!

Whether you’re a Biden critic or a Trump critic, the farce these two candidates were a part of last night was an embarrassment. Most importantly, it was simply one more example that showed us why the core values and freedoms that each one of us relies on every day are increasingly in danger of being lost.

This morning, Amanda Taub published an article in the New York Times titled The Democracy Reform Paradox that explains why the democratic values and freedoms we depend on are increasingly endangered. And why the explicit reform of America’s democracy, especially its institutions and political norms, must be a crucial part of America’s next revolution. If we can ever actually get to it.

In this regard, the links highlighted above will take you to material that expands on the dangers and difficulties Ms.Taub and I are pointing to. And the pressing need for a revolution. There’s useful perspective and information there.

Whether or not you check out these links, sometime in the next five weeks be sure to VOTE.

But, please, don’t simply cast your vote for the man, whether its Donald Trump or Joe Biden, who you think will best protect your’s and your family’s personal interests.

Just this one time, please give some honest thought to voting for the candidate, whomever you think this is, who as president will do everything they can possibly do to protect and extend the “more perfect union” that America was created to realize.

Thanks for reading this article. You can find others like it, and more information relevant to 2020’s presidential election at TLO’s America’s Next Revolution.



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David Nicoll, Ph.D

I’m a dad, a reader, writer, and thought partner for individuals looking to improve their lives. My passion is learning and meeting this century’s challenges.