Suggestions About How To Become An Effective, Sought After ‘Thought Partner’

Photo by ALAN DE LA CRUZ on Unsplash

Key Propositions

In every thought partnership, there are four key propositions at the heart of every effective thought partnership:

Basic Principles

Four basic principles describe the personal and interpersonal dynamics at play between two or more thought partners:

Key Expectations

In every thought partnership, four key expectations are explicitly shared by the thought partner and their client:

The Bottom Line

Thought partners are about conversations, in particular the kinds of essential, soul-searching dialogues that helpeach other create a road map for the learning journey each is pursuing. Whether they’re struggling with a career, a relationship, a life transition, or they’re confronting some sort of deep-seated mismatch􏰮between their meaning-making capabilities and the disruptive, belief-shattering disruptions emerging from the real world, their conversations always begin and end with open dialogues.

Key Steps

There’s only one step that’s necessary if and when two thought partners wnat to develop a thought partnership for themselves; they need to discuss and agree on their version of the ideas, proposition, and principles described above.



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David Nicoll, Ph.D

David Nicoll, Ph.D

I’m a dad, a reader, writer, and thought partner for individuals looking to improve their lives. My passion is learning and meeting this century’s challenges.