Will We Or Won’t We Notice?

We’re two decades into the 21st century and America is struggling under the weight of racial and ethnic inequalities, a Coronavirus pandemic, and political polarization like this country has never before experienced. And just last month, at the Capitol in Washington D.C., every one of us watched a sitting president of the United States try to foment an insurrection against his own government.

Insurgency’s Meaning

At the very least, last month’s insurgency could force those of us who care about America’s democracy to wake up to the idea that America is not simply struggling with an astonishing array of intractable social, economic, and political problems. Rather, what’s now clear is that we’re facing an astonishing array of intractable problems, each of which must now be seen as an essential part of this century’s struggle for the heart and soul of America:

America’s Next Revolution

Earlier this year I launched a new website dedicated to this question. I’ve named this website America’s Next Revolution Resource Center. As such, this center is designed as a place where you can find the resources you need to refresh and renew your understanding of the philosophical principles, moral values, and existential issues that were the foundation of America’s first revolution. It’s also designed as a place where, in dialogue with others, you can discover which of America’s foundational principles, values, and existential viewpoints you believe should be the foundation for this century’s America. Finally, this resource center is designed to be a place where those of us who are interested can explore what to me seems like two very important questions:

The Challenge

At this point, it’s obvious that America has been and is now deeply shaken. Challenged really. So much so that the polarizations we’re all experiencing and the uncertainties we’re all feeling are raising existential questions for us all about the meaning and importance of individual freedom, the validity of democracy and our republican form of government, and the challenges we’re facing that are so clearly demanding more revolutionary changes in our democracy and our republican form of government.

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